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Soft shell, zip guard, articulated sleeves and taped seams. With the right equipment working together is easy come storm or calm, rain or shine.

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Lying in the sun on the fore deck. Behind the helm with the water swirling. Or having a warming cup of tea at a meeting right inside the cabin. DAD makes clothes to be seen in for all imaginable occasions. Trim your sails and enjoy the clothes that quite simply live up to their philosophy: Designed for Ambitious Companies!

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D.A.D is a Swedish brand. Functional corporate wear for leading edge companies, inspired by the life at sea. Lavish quality garments that always show you at your best angle. No matter how, where or when you choose to be seen....


World Cup in Hyères 2014: Piotr Myszka wins!


19-26 of April 2014 ISAF Sailing World Cup take place at Hyères, bringing together the world's top Olympic class competitors. It is the final regatta included in the 2013-2014 ISAF Sailing World Cup, the sixth edition of the annual series for Olympic sailing.

World Cup in Hyères 2014: Piotr Myszka wins!

Sponsored by D.A.D whole PYA National Polish Team presented wonderful and Piotr Myszka outclassed competitors!

Piotr Myszka knew that he won World Cup already on 24th of April that's why his Saturday's Medal Race race was just a formality. Second place went to our second player from the team Paul Tarnowski.

In the Medal Race Piotr had just come to start, sail and finish at any place, because he had the point advantage. But of course he was fighting to the end. The tactic was that Piotr does everything to not interfere Przemek Miarczyński who tired to defended his third places. Przemek gave everything but finished the race on 4th place.

Congratulations also for Maja Dziarnowska for her 3rd plase in Woman RSX.

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